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Y CONCEPT Customer service
東京都渋谷区宇田川町6-20 EXULT102号
phone: 03-6356-8766
fax: 03-6324-6197

-Our history-



このY conceptは、10年前から日本で販売されていたコンセプトワイをベースにしている。パテントを有するディスクヒンジを使った機能的で掛けやすいフレームは、日本でコアで熱狂的なファンを増やしてきた。このフレームを海外に輸出することを2012年夏、アイウェアメビウスの夏目が提案して、デザイナーである兵井氏とともに海外へ出展を決めたことがきっかけであった。



その後、モデルを追加しつつ、レーザーシリーズ、ダブルレイヤーシリーズ、2016年からはプラスチック(アセテート)とのコンビネーションである、T (トレンド)シリーズ、V(ヴィンテージ)シリーズを追加して、バリエーションも豊富になっている。


-About our company-

“eyewear MEBIUS” is an optical shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. We operate 2 successful optical shops which carry high-end designer brands such as Theo, MYKITA, Barton Perreira etc.

We decided to start “Y concept” in 2013 because we were confident in designing a high quality and unique brand from Japan. Our dick hinge system, which is maintenance-free, is fully designed and produced in Japan.

-About Y CONCEPT history-

10 years ago, the designer Mr. Hyoi aimed to create a new comfortable pair of glasses for his friend. His existing pair of glasses were heavy and uncomfortable. So, Mr.Hyoi designed a new pair for his friend by hand. The rim and lens were separated for easier adjustment and higher flexibility. Thus, Y concept was born.

-About material-

Y concept is made of Beta titanium Titanium eyeglasses are light weight, corrosion resistant and also give a ergonomic fit no the nose, keeping them from slipping. This feature is one of important aspects that enhance comfort for the wearer. Beta titanium is also titanium material but 3 times more flexible than normal one.

-About our concept-

We would like people to wear comfortable glasses which are light-weight, stylish, suitable for all situations, and suits the wearer like a natural part of their face.

*It’s so comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing them.

*The glasses are made to see, not only to be seen.

*It’s fully adjustable.

*Using the cutting edge technology

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